Is Microsoft Suddenly a Screaming Bargain?

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  1. Curious One says:

    Microsoft is just plain greedy, as their products now show. They took the products apart, and raised the prices sky high, they are no longer bundled on expensive computers and their mail programs are beyond bland. Sometimes something simple is more functional and sometimes it is not. They took away a good mail program for a not as good one. They seem to have all that thinking in reverse. My heart for Microsoft went south after seeing all that, and the lack of quality support for their too expensive products is anything but personal and so good will rating and faith in them is at an all time low. We are LOOKING for the competition! Bill left and so did good management apparently. They had it coming!


  2. gerald says:

    Businesses have put off replacing office computers during the the Recession. Within a very short period of time, it will become necessary to replace hardware and the PC (windows) is the machine of choice. Tiger Woods, Apple and Microsoft will all come back. Champions always re-invent themselves even if competitors lead for a short period of time. Yes, typewriters disappeared as will Woods, Apple and Microsoft… but that time has not come.


  3. Kristina says:

    So disappointed in Microsoft. Became a 2010 Office MS expert and have nothing but aggravation with their products. Swore I would never go to Apple but recently made the move due to pure frustration with MS. Not regretting the move.


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