Gold’s Next Move: $800 or $6,000?

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  1. Kase says:

    My problem with gold at this point is this. With our government able to manipulate the markets (stocks, commodities, currencies etc) through money printing and directed investment it seems that gold will only be fairly valued when the financial system totally implodes. At such point the financial system suffers such catastrophic damage that collapse is unavoidable gold will at some later time become valuable. However, following the collapse I’m guessing a few years of chaos (thinning the herd) would occur and at some future time reestablishment of a gold backed system would occur. From the time of the initial financial collapse to reestablishment of value based exchange is anyone’s guess. My point is that before golds price is fairly represented it seems logical that guns, ammo and food etc. may be more important for survival.


  2. Timebandit says:

    And China’s gold backed yuan will gallop into the spotlight the next day.


  3. Rev. Don Schmidt says:

    I think that my Dad was right when he told me it was a big mistake for (FDR) to take us off the gold standard. Now that China sees the wisdom of backing their money with gold, it seems he was wise before his time. I think it would stabilize our economy… to help keep our ship of state from being tossed by the high winds that might be coming out of the Northwest, the place of dangerous winds.


  4. Mike says:

    As if anyone would be surprised when they learn we have all been lied to over and over again about real deficit verses a fake $17 trillion when it is really double that. When you can run the presses without anyone accounting for actual amounts being pumped into system, why else have the fed reserve not been audited? Why else is our supposed gold reserves also not been audited because the vaults have been empty for decades and if the public knew, the whole worlds economy would collapse immediately. So what we see is the slow drip method of collapse, drip by drip, day by day.


  5. KennyLLC says:

    Gold will always be a precious commodity but it is impractical as the sole basis of currency. Valued services, labor, and products are the real currency behind all trade. The amount of gold in the world cannot sustain or regulate the exchange values of currency value disparities. Human valuation and devaluation has left gold hanging in the balance of a few nations, whereas Fort Knox was simply a containment and weighing facility for foreign nations whose currency is still backed by gold. U.S. currency hasn’t been backed by gold or silver for nearly 3/4 of a century.


  6. Javiastar mcstandrealson says:

    Gold is precious, no doubts, considering its its properties over all other material. Also it is we(us, man), that gives value or meaning to all things. The system can make an evaluation from the poorest, the richest man and the most costly material.


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