Friday Charts: “Saudi America” and the Best Stocks to Buy on the Dips

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  1. Harry David Brown says:

    For Louis,
    I have information about an IPO for an Oil and Gas Company to be available on the AMEX approx. Sept. 01 2013. This is different from the normal start up company doing exploration and development with no income in that they already have an interest in 145 producing wells and estimated revenues for 2013 in excess of $5.8 million and after expense excess cash flow of $2.8 million.
    The company is planning to raise $20 million in the IPO in Preferred shares in units of 100k shares plus 20k warrents and pay a 7% dividend. Common Stock is expected to be offered at $1 per share initially.
    If you are interested in additional details I have all the Filing information.


    Wall Street Daily Research Reply:

    Thank you for your comment. It has been passed onto Louis and he is interested to know the company name so he can dig into the filings and investigate. If you would like the name to be kept off the website, please send us an email at


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