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Jobs Remain #1 Issue Washington Won’t Solve

The spinmeisters in the pro-Obama media were in rare form last week. Somehow, they spun a tale that the current unemployment numbers are a win for America.

You see, the Labor Department says the economy gained 195,000 jobs in June. This beat economists’ expectations, the media trumpeted.

But that’s a really sorry excuse for a victory lap. And the media’s reaction shows just how far our expectations have fallen. Think about it… If the proportion of Americans who are working was the same as just 10 years ago, America would have nine million additional people employed right now.

That math is as fuzzy as Einstein’s first attempt at E=mc2, which took far too many liberties.

And that’s not the worst of it. I want you to understand the magnitude of the ongoing deception. I’m going to give you some numbers, and I want you to stick with me. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is perpetrating a gigantic sham, starting with the unemployment number of 7.5%.

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Floyd Brown

, Political Expert

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