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New Treatment Provides Superhuman Healing Powers

Most people take it for granted that cuts and scrapes – and even more serious wounds – can heal naturally. Indeed, the body starts its repair process almost immediately after the skin is cut.

That’s not the case for everyone, however.

For people with diabetes or conditions such as ischemia (where blood supply is restricted), this natural healing process doesn’t always work.

True, there are treatments like sprays, bandages and ointments that can help heal chronic wounds for such patients. But they have a limited effect at best.

Enter CureXcell.

Developed by Israeli company MacroCure, CureXcell is a concentrated mixture of white blood cells. And when it’s injected directly into a patient’s wounds, it’s proven extremely effective at boosting the healing process.

More specifically, three injections over consecutive months release the necessary cytokines and growth factors that allow patients to achieve full wound closure.

So far, 5,000 patients have been treated with the white blood cell mixture. And most have had positive outcomes.

According to the company’s CEO, Nissim Mashiach, “Over 70% of the wounds [have] been closed with all the patients that we [treated] so far. And this is a significant difference from any other type of [study] that has been published so far.”

The white blood cells come from blood banks, only after a donor signs a release form. “We are extracting those cells from whole blood, from healthy donors. Activate them. And those cells basically participate in the wound healing, the normal wound healing,” says Mashiach.

Better yet, the product is currently undergoing a Phase III trial in the United States. And the company hopes the product will receive FDA approval by 2017.

As MacroCure Vice President of Development, Adi Zuloff-Shani, says, “The product is very effective and a good safety profile, and we have started a Phase III study. It will be the 11th study that is being conducted in the U.S.A.”