The Safest Way to Earn a 29% Yield

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  1. James Holub says:

    Your claim of a 25.9% yield is not true. You are basing it on an investment of $10,000, when in reality you have invested $40,000–$10,000 in each of 4 investments! The fact that these were made over separate time intervals does not change the fact that you have “risked” $40,000 to make about $2,800, thereby getting about a 7% return on your total investment. Think about it–if you had made all 4 trades on the same day and closed them all on the same day, I’m sure you would agree that you invested $40,000 and made $2,800. Your actual trades would be entirely analogous to this “idealized” trade.


  2. Glenn Edgar says:

    James above is correct if each of the trades are independent events. So the amount risked is just the $ amount invested in that trade. The prior trade is history. I think the total $ amount risk is just just the sum of the amount bet on each trade: 10,000 + 10,811 + 11,507 + 12,209, if each trade is independent, $s invested in each is just a number. The prior trade is history. The only way the table presents valid conclusions, is that on 8/21 you have to know THEN about the other 3 trades, including entry and exit dates. Then the table would represent one planned trade. I don’t see how that could be the case. Good job James.


  3. Penny Mack says:

    I’m not a guru here, but James’ analogy doesn’t seem to hold true here. The initial investment was $10,000 (an investment willing to be lost, evidently if it did not pan out) however the deal made $811, so he, in turn invested the profit & initial investment (his gamble) which in turn made another $696. not much, but profit with the $10K gamble now $11,507 to be thrown into the pot to be increased by $702. The whole system is seen by me to be based upon research of stocks that are going to sell, maybe not today, BUT THEY WILL SELL, these are not hypothetical situations with theoretical solutions. I can only hope that I have enough sense to figure out how to buy & sell. They actually seem like Giant Penny Stocks. Like I said “I’m no Guru.” I sure would like to make the money.


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