America, a World Leader? Not in Education, She’s Not.

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  1. JONDO says:

    With this Rogue government we will never catch up with others on education, We cant because they are closing our schools down faster than they closed our factories and we were blind sided on that one, We never saw it coming until it was to late.This country is in a death roll right now and the crooks running our country don’t want to stop it, They have stole there billions and now there just sitting back and waiting to see what we will do about it, And i see no movement what so ever. Sara Palin , Bachmann and Brewer do something your the ones.


  2. George R. Giltner says:

    Teacher Unionist are anti America to begin with. If they voted for the Black Boy Obaaamaaa they are worthless. To say the most.


    Nancy Law Reply:

    This is just propaganda to boost UNIONIZED teachers with MORE money. How sad.


  3. David in MA says:

    America spends more and has lower educational accomlishment, ok, other countries spend less and do better, ok, now, what is the ratio of students who excel to those who fail, in both countries? Are we only seeing the numbers which show outstanding students of other countries and ALL of the numbers in America? Are we seeing the true numbers or are we seeing numbers like obama’s employment numbers?


  4. David in MA says:

    Today’s teachers do not know how to teach, they still have the college campus mentallity, (your here and it’s up to the student to learn)…HEY TEACHERS:kids in the lower schools have not learned how to learn yet!And, apparently neither has their teachers. BUT! with the covernment dumbing down school standards so that black and hispanic kids can excel is not helpful either.
    A socialist approach is a failure approach, remember what the communists said: capture the children, capture the nation…… is happening, right before our eyes and more money is not the answer.


  5. Curt S says:

    The main reas0n why our kids are behind others is for one thing they are not being taught to think! Get rid of the dammed computers and calculators. Start teaching the way it used to be done! When I was a kid no one ever heard of a kid not being able to read. Quit this idiotic thing about not “offending” others. Start teaching American history that was/is actual history, not some socialistic crap. Start giving tests that require essay answers, not multiple choice ones. Above all, get rid of the damm communists/socialists in our colleges!


  6. Nancy Law says:

    “We’re shooting ourselves in the foot when we don’t base teacher salary on quality of teaching.”

    STOP IT! We could throw 100K at these teachers and the result would be the same. It is NOT about how much we pay our teachers! STOP THE MYTH! It is ALL about the CONTENT!

    We are “teaching” our kids JUNK SCIENCE, NO GRAMMAR, and CONVOLUTED MATH – such as Everyday Math and Connected Math for middle school. By the time these kids get to high school, they can’t write (cursive) , use proper grammar, have no science foundation and give up!

    You have to be HONEST about the problem. Spending more and more on TEACHERS is NOT the problem. The truth is the MORE they get the LESS they do. Ever hear of “collaborative groups”? They hide the dopes and frustrate the achievers. Again the individual is disrespected and held back. No PUBLIC school wants to be viewed as a “failure”. Teachers LOVE it since it is LESS work to grade.

    Joanne Campbell are you a wanna be unionized teacher? You sure make a good cheerleader for them! The truth is MANY well qualified teachers are available now but the lack of substance and lowering standards hand cuff them. If you need more and BETTER teachers, check out those that are retired and want to give back. They KNOW their stuff. They don’t just “teach” it and yet they are rejected. They do rings around those that “teach” math or science -they needed it for their career.

    Truly Ms. Campbell, I am disappointed in this constant – throw more money at teachers and all will be well. We HAVE been doing that and it is a dismal FAILURE!


  7. Nancy Law says:

    I’d be surprised if you posted my reply. It tells the truth of what is wrong with our declining “education system”. I am not politically correct and do not mince words. I actually expected better from capitalhilldaily. I may need to unsubscribe.


  8. JackKinch1uncle says:

    Schools dumbed down to accommodate ‘born on welfare’ to make more demos. Least educated breeding similar..


  9. Robert Novak says:

    The problem is that we leave no child behind and when a country does not stand and say you need to learn English and quite trying to be politicaly correct then we can teach kids how to count before you learn calculus we also need to quite preaching state test state test I personally had to teach a young man how to read a ruler after grad. 12 grade I did not graduate high school but I do know how to manage my life thanks to the real teachers of long ago I’m 53 you see when I was little they. Taught us how to give change unlike today


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