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A Dollar Collapse is Coming

Mike Zullo is an impressive man. When he strides into my office I can immediately see him carefully observe and analyze his surroundings. This is a result of his years of law enforcement training. Mike spent a number of years as a cop, and then as a detective.

After a successful career in law enforcement, he left to become a trader of equities. Here, Mike also excelled. But recently he’s focused less on making money and more on protecting America – a country we both agreed had given us much but was now in grave danger.

As our conversation progressed, we agreed that America is insolvent. Most importantly, we wanted to understand this insolvency so we could protect our families. We also agreed that a dollar collapse is ahead. Yet, because of good economic decisions by leaders in the past and the dollar’s status as the world’s main reserve currency, America keeps putting off the day of reckoning.

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Floyd Brown

, Political Expert

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