Ordinary Americans Targeted in the Government’s Anti-Terrorism Crosshairs

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  1. Jim says:

    “People like me have the latitude to go further than they are allowed to”. Yesterday I read the government is accussing Snowden of gaining access he should not have been able to gain. I guess there is some clear proof our supposed NSA isn’t as secure as it should be. This is another example of how inept this administration is.

    I would like to see a million or so aging veterans like myself to march (I will have to have a set of wheels for this march) into Washington hopefully picking up some younger veterans along the way and destroy the plans of the 537 occupants, take back our government and put it back on track with the Constitution!


    Sharon Lynn Reply:

    I am on wheels too. If we can’t make it to D.C., there are a plutherer of local choices. Talk to your Sheriff, Mayor, Chamber, in person or phone. Get personal. Have a nice long chat. Ask how they are holding up under all this weight. Get them to commit that they will ‘Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States”. Remind them of their oath. My community Ch. of Comm. put out the DHS ‘run and hide’ gun defense article. I called the Sheriffs’ P.R. for my county and he promised me they would not enforce any unconstitutional law, even if it means their job! What a GREAT guy!


  2. We need to Impeach Obama, and go after him and Bush for all of their crimes, then we need to do what Jimmy Carter tried to do, fire the CIA and NSA, bring home our troops from everywhere, close Homeland “Security”, break up all companies which do more than $500 billions gross, cap CEO salaries and benefits at $2 Millions a year, match our minimum wage to that of Sweden and Denmark $19.00 per hour, tie all raises to that same ratio of CEO’s and Employees, take pensions away from elected officials, Double Social Security, arm every citizen excepting only those elected to public office, build large hospitals all over America, for the mentally Ill, Make “Lobbying” A Capital Crime, make donating anything to those running for office also a Capital Crime, Declare War on the Bilderbergs, Club of Rome and Tri-Lateral Commission, and make membership in such Secret Societies a Capital Crime, and jail all elected officials for life who have any relationship with members of those Societies. All of the above are just Starters for remaking America into THIS:
    “thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” What we really need is an INQUISITION upon The Military Medical Industrial Complex.


  3. Ken says:

    It is very interesting, if you follow the money, how things work. Just a scenario, imagine if the government scares people into thinking that the ‘cyberspace’ is vulnerable, ask for billions to defend it and at the same time, in a very secret operation, attack themselves, blame a patsy and voila, Americans forking over tonnes more money to pay for protection (just like the mafia does) only, they don’t have to ask the people because the Federal Reserve Private Banking Cartel will do it for them (a theft of money from people around the world, not just Americans). What a Grand Racket!


  4. Cathy says:

    We all push the blame on the last 2 Presidents but that is not a real factor in the longevity of their decisions. Time is that judge so if you look back through at history what Presidents do or don’t do it takes 10 to 15 years to get a full value or a majority value of what they did to this Country. So right now we are really in the Bill Clinton era of all the laws he got run through and the ones that did not. Check the historical records on those %’s and you will see time is long lived unless there is an great change that takes place where a President has to use the pen of the Constitution by there self to make a hurried decision , those are the decisions that make the Presidents different. Common sense has no time zone it is what happens after the short decisions are made by one person with the world on there back. One example is Bill had the chance to pull the trigger on Bin Laden and he told the troops to stand down. We paid for that later and we still are while he gets $ for every speech he makes, but they all do it but some make the right moral decisions with integrity for all not just there Library. There is only one JUDGE and it is not who has been on the SUPREME COURT THE LONGEST.


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