The Biggest Myth About Capitalism and Investing

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  1. Mike Nelson says:

    One other thing about capitalism, it is the only socio-economic system that is compatible with liberty. Free the mind and watch the individual selfishly produce, the engine of growth and prosperity.


  2. doktor don says:

    No one is blaming Capitalism, as conceived by Adam Smith, the Founder of Modern Day Capitalism! Please do not confuse your readers by neglecting to note the difference.

    The problem isn’t with the System of Capitalism; the problem lies with the PEOPLE CONTROLLING and MANIPULATING the System for Personal Greed and Self-Interests; and, I think you know that!

    David Stockman Chronicles the events which lead to the Destruction of Capitalism as envisioned by Adam Smith. Stockman; in his new Book: THE DEFORMATION: THE RISE OF CRONY CAPITALISM IN AMERICA; says as much. He lays the blame at the feet of Three GOP Presidents: Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and the Bush Family – – with emphasis, on Boy George. Stockman says that these three, irresponsible Fiscal Lightweights are responsible for $12 Trillion of the Nation’s National Debt.

    Evil, Selfish, and Greedy Men have perverted and distorted Capitalism today; to the point that’s it’s hardly recognizable. The operative terms today to describe our current system are: Predator Capitalism, Rent Seeking, and Conjuring up ways to Manipulate the System. Free Market Capitalism? Don’t make me – – or your Readers, laugh! Even those who have worked on Wall Street say that Markets are rigged.

    So much more needs to be said; and, I’m the Guy to do it; if you can handle the Truth. Don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.


  3. Herbert says:

    Very good write-up. I certainly love this website.

    Keep it up!


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