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The Hierarchy of Revenge

Sadly, as more and more information is uncovered about the latest scandals, it’s becoming apparent that we, the people, are being played for fools. For example, Capitol Hill Daily recently uncovered some new details in the IRS Scandal – information that shows just how insulting this administration’s lies are.

Now, you don’t have to be a Lost fanatic (like me) to understand the importance of “bad” numbers. And in this case, the bad number is two.

The IRS initially claimed that two low-level employees from the Cincinnati exemption division went rogue and were the sole perpetrators targeting conservative organizations.

But in light of recent evidence, that claim is falling apart. The buzz around Washington is that, during the most recent congressional hearing, investigators identified an additional 88 employees who have documents relevant to the scandal.

So let me do a little “low-level” math for you. It’s no longer two employees involved in the IRS scandal… it’s 90 – and that’s just what we know so far.

But how can that many people be involved, you ask?

Well, when the IRS scandal first broke, an anonymous IRS employee stated in an interview, “We people on the local level are doing what we are supposed to do… Everything comes from the top. We don’t have any authority to make those decisions without someone signing off on them. There has to be a directive.”

The subdivision involved in this scandal – The Determinations Unit – handles tax exemption applications for charities and non-profits. It’s one part of the tax-exemption division in Cincinnati, an agency that employs 90,000 people.

The Determinations Unit has hundreds of agents who in turn have supervisors. These would be the “low-level employees” originally pinned as the culprits.

But as you work your way up the chain, you’ll find the managers who oversee the agents and supervisors. One step above them is the territory managers. And they all answer to the one head project manager, Cindy Thomas (who is rumored to be the next in line for interrogation).

The point here is that in every single division of the IRS across the nation, the project manager is not the ceiling. Sure they’re the highest authority in the building, but they, too, answer to higher powers.

So, the question we’re left with is: Who was Cindy Thomas receiving her orders from?

The Chain Reaction

As the investigation unfolds, a ton of questions remain unanswered. But there’s one fact that’s crystal clear – the IRS has an ironclad system in place that prevents lower-level agents from having the capability to go rogue. It’s simply impossible. If they attempted to, there are just too many safeguards in place that would catch them almost immediately.

However, conservative organizations were being discriminated against for years. And it wasn’t just nonprofits. Nearly 500 conservative groups were targeted, including at least five pro-Israeli groups, at least two pro-life groups, a Texas voting-rights group, and many more Conservative activists and businesses. Blaming lower tier employees was simply a cowardly way of preventing, well, this:

This is the Washington hierarchy and the connection to Cindy Thomas and the Cincinnati Determinations Unit. Lois Lerner was Cindy’s point of contact for direct orders passed down the chain you see above.

And as you can see, the dominoes are starting to fall. Closer to the President’s inner circle, we’re starting to see a shifting timeline of knowledge. But regardless of who found out what and when, the point is that several of the president’s closest appointees knew for a while… most before the election.

The Circle of Distrust

I don’t know what’s scarier – the fact that everyone surrounding the president knew except for the president or the fact they expect us to believe it…

Especially considering the fact that, from 2009-2013, Douglas Shulman visited the White House for briefings more times than any other cabinet member.

In fairness, some of those visits most likely occurred when Obama was elsewhere, but it casts a very dark shadow of doubt that Obama simply heard about the scandal from the same outlets you and I did.

There’s no doubt people knew… several close to the president… some for years. So we’re left with two equally disturbing realities to consider: Either the president is blatantly lying to us all without dropping a single bead of sweat, or big government’s reign has gotten so vast that it literally can’t be controlled – not even by the president himself.

Your eyes on the Hill,

Martin Biancuzzo

Marty Biancuzzo

, Technology Analyst

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