The Bear Case for Amazon in One Chart

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  1. Nelson Montz says:

    You’re the best!
    AMZN will continue to be disruptive. I hope it does correct- I’ll be a buyer. Ya-Who? Wal-Marred? Job-less Apple? E-Pal? Goo-Goo?

    Bezos invests and is a consumer champ. Google better learn to run a good email site, first. Just don’t like Ebay or Wal-Mart; both are good at putting the shaft to their shopkeepers and employees. I own a Mac Pro; with there current CEO, AAPL is a standing joke.

    I’m watching what happens with the litigation between U.S. vs Apple on price-fixing e-Books. I think Bezos will invest more; put together a consortium of publishers; start ending the need for elite publishers to decide what America reads; and squeeze the heck out of their Joke-Competition some more.


  2. Tilia Hernandez says:

    You must be buying these shares as this same idea was put forth 20 years ago and the stock has been rising the whole time. Trade futures and see how good you really are in predicting/conning the future!


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