Friday Charts: The World’s Worst Investors, Bernanke’s Legacy and Tragic Lies

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  1. Carleen Lane says:

    Those politicians just cannot get off of the climate change band wagon. Sure there is climate change. Has been ever since the Dinosaurs lived up in Alaska. They must think that people are awful stupid. Of course maybe they are, considering the dismal state of public education in a lot of places a lot of people are stupid. With all the electronics and the internet, it seems that people would be better off going back to reading books. As far as investing, that is the most scary thing in life for us right now. Nothing is moving in the upward direction. Pretty much flat. Soon the banks will charge us fees for just locking the money up into safe keeping.


  2. Stan Hoffman says:

    With the current market sell off of RIET’s involved in RMBS’s, would it be advisable to buy on the dip?


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