The “Miracle” Treatment That Reverses Brain Damage in Stroke Patients

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  1. Sandra Iglesias says:

    I hope the hiperbaric oxigen works. I am going to try it. I had a stroke in my cerebellum, and when they operated, they took out about 40% My stroke was on November 2, 2008, about four and a half years ago, I am 61 years old. My name is Sandra Iglesias.


  2. Jac Deweese says:

    So how would one go about seeding such treatment?

    My wife had fall resulting in a hip replacement about 6 years ago. She has been diagnosed with dementia apparently due to multiple strokes prior to the accident.

    Up until the accident she was a vivacious outgoing person. Since then she seldom speaks, cannot answer questions and is unable to move her left leg and reluctant to move her left arm.

    During a recent hospital stay she seemed to recover some cognitive ability. We suspect oxygen and/or nebulizer treatment for the improvement, but subsequent oxygen use failed to achieve similar results.

    This treatment sounds promising in view of that experience.


  3. Rohitas Janu says:

    My wife have brain stroke in July 13 while she was treating for gall stone surgery and lost memory. After two months she reverted few memory but not remember past 1 year of stroke i.e admission and treatment during hospitalision etc & what she eaten in breakfast or lunch. Is there any treatment for fast recovery of memory. Regards


  4. Sue says:

    Apparently hyperbaric oxygen is creeping into “miracle” territory and isn’t it absolutely marvellous!!! I do hope this treatment is soon available in the ordinary suite of post trauma therapies and the fact that it can address the after affects of 20-yr-old strokes and possibly Alzheimers and other dementias is wonderful. I hope that the above two respondees get their wishes fulfilled sooner rather than later. I wonder what else it could be good for……………..


  5. Wayne Hall says:

    About 20 yrs ago i lifted too much weight, seems something broke loose in bloodstream and traveled up to my brain shutting blood off to a nerve that controls my left side of my facial muscles.. suffered paralasis and very noticable like bells palsy but permanent.. any chance this helps that type of stroke.. i have not had any complications from this since it happened, but just would love to smile normal and close my left eye.. I spent alot of money with a doctor in Maryland doing the 10s unit therapy but maybe the time since the stroke till his treatment was too long.. not sure, but would love any word, I dont have money now, as it affected my job prospects, and really caused alot of issues… even my children would be embarrassed to go places.. what help could this be for me??


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