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What the Scandals Mean for 2016

Nowadays, picking a scandal to talk about is like shooting fish in a barrel – especially considering the last couple of weeks.

The DOJ acquiring Associated Press phone records…

The IRS targeting Tea Partiers…

Today there are whispers of an EPA scandal about to drop…

What could possibly be next? Audits delivered to us via drone strikes?

Truth is, any one of these scandals could spell the end for Obama. And out of all the chaos, the crème de la crème is still Benghazi. It has to be. American lives were lost.

I understand why everyone wants to point fingers at Obama, but I’m going to propose something crazy…

Let’s actually forget about him for a second.

The reason is simple… In a couple of years, he’s gone. And to most leading Democrats who will remain in office, Obama has already served his purpose.

Instead, we should focus on Hillary Clinton.

You see, in response to the scandals, particularly Benghazi, the Dems will do two things. First, they will throw someone under the bus. Most likely this will be Jay Carney or Eric Holder. Either way, you can count on one of the lambs going to slaughter.

Then, they’ll throw all their weight behind saving Hillary. She’s the next pony up for an eight-year ride, and they need to salvage her character as soon as possible.

Consistent Lack of Character

At this point though, that feat may prove to be a bit too ambitious. Benghazi is hanging like a dark cloud above her name. And this is far from the first time Hillary has stood in her own way…

Think back to 2008. Clinton was the front-runner by a landslide going into the primaries. But Hillary’s campaign came crashing down following what can only be described as a self-triggered implosion.

Going into 2016, we’re seeing the same story. Hillary has already been declared the front-runner – to some, she‘s already the next president! But it appears those same 2008 demons are back to haunt her.

Before her campaign has even started, she’s already starting to implode. And that’s not because of some ill-fated streak of bad luck or timing. It’s the very essence of who she is as a human being – her character – that acts as a roadblock between her and the highest position in government.

All we have to do is look at her performance before, during and after her Benghazi testimony to see her true character and the kind of leadership she’d show if elected.

Hillary deliberately lied about the cause of attack – she declared the protests were sparked because of outrage over a YouTube video and held this claim for more than a month before dropping it.

Worse, Hillary could’ve prevented the attacks – but instead chose to ignore the prior warnings and denied beefing up security at the Consulate.

A Tiger Never Loses Its Stripes

This type of behavior from Hillary can be traced back to when she was working on the Watergate investigation.

Many don’t remember that she was fired from the case for what the case supervisor, Jerry Zeifman, described as unethical behavior. In fact, he even flat-out called her a liar.

“She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer,” Zeifman said. “She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee, and the rules of confidentiality.”

Apparently some things never change. Hillary’s deceitfulness truly runs that deep.

So while Benghazi has been called Obama’s “Watergate,” it doesn’t change the fact that Hillary is next in line for the throne. Democrats aren’t just going to roll over and play dead. They’re going to fight to get another eight years from their strongest candidate.

Unfortunately for them, the fight is already over.

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Martin Biancuzzo

Marty Biancuzzo

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