Friday Charts: A New Baby Boom, Inflation and the Scariest Jobs Chart Ever

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  1. Johnathan says:

    I don’t believe this “Baby Boom” takes into account that with government handouts the way they have been, and the direction they are apparently heading, it has become all too common for women having babies being the “bread-winners” for the family. A woman can have a baby, get a check, housing, food stamps, free medical, etc. To top that off, (let’s use the Grandmother for this scenario), the Grandmother can call DFCS and claim the Mother can’t support all her kids, and applies to be a foster parent, receiving up to $15,000/month/child, around $%144,000/year. It has become an all too common “racket”.


    Ric Roderick Reply:


    Thank you for your sentiment. When everything in our lives ( in this case, the economy) is a giant manipulation, I am too afraid to participate in the system to allow the system to continue. Getting sucked into the market using these false data to artificially boost the economy by participating, only holds up a sinking ship that has a huge gash in its side.


  2. Akis says:

    Very enlightening! Keep it coming.


  3. Pierre says:

    Love the charts, keep them coming!


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