Friday Charts: China Dethroned and Japan Joins the “QE Infinity” Club

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  1. says:

    Like Paul Krugman, all economists love data from the past. They don’t have any from the future! That is why economics and Keynesian planning works well when the future and the past are the same! Does anybody believe that was ever true? Especially now with accelerated discovery, robotics, and all political unknowns.

    Can China be stupid in making robots the #1 priority? How can Indonesia compete without Chinese robots? How can US government force consumers to just buy junk with free newly printed money? Its not a battle between planned growth and austerity. Its a simple unknown about how to survive without jobs! Ans. Grow your own food and pray for enough air and water.


  2. Malcolm McIntyre says:

    Like the weekly roundup – a quick pointer to relevant facts and factors. Thanks.


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