Friday Charts: Should We Be on High Alert for Another Banking Collapse?

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  1. John Probst says:

    The debt crisis has shifted more to sovereign debt than bank debt and the stock market says nothing at present about either… It’s all about currency wars now and impending $$ collapse eventually… Housing is heavily into rentals despite the fact that housing is heavily subsidized, aggravating the USA deficit of 1-1/2 trillion! When this is subtracted from econ “growth it works out to be MINUS 5%!


  2. Rick Falls says:

    Housing starts do NOT indicate an overall recovery in US housing. Inventories are still HUGE, and growing in some areas.
    The only useful indication of housing starts might be, that the areas in which building is increasing, there are favorable pro growth policies (less regulation) and thereby job growth. Let’s not get overly optimistic just yet.


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