Five Irrefutable Signs That Real Estate is (Still) in Recovery

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  1. Carleen Lane says:

    My concern is the fact that young people have racked up a Trillion dollars worth of debt for college. They are trying to pay it off with Big Mac jobs. A lot of them are afraid to commit to marriage and children. How will they ever get to the point where they can buy a house? They will die of old age first.


  2. Joe Bryant says:

    I had to stand on a chair to read this article because the BS was flowing so high.
    The writer of this article is obviously invested into stocks and ETF’s tied to real estate and is doing their part to try to stimulate the Real Estate Market for their own personal gain.
    We may have need for housing for 6 million new households by 2017, but the majority of them will not be moving into NEW homes.
    The prices of lumber is rising due to inflation. And if Mortgage Lending is on the mend then why is the government trying to stimulate it with new programs for the poor?
    The banks are creating the illusion that there is a shortage of inventory by holding back properties from the markets in an effort to push prices up. This is for two obvious reasons. First of course is so that they can get more money for their inventory of foreclosures and second to try to create fear in the prospective buyers that they have missed the bottom of the dip. Investors are the ones that are buying, and the recent interest rate increases (though small) have caused a sharp decline in mortgage applications. This will also slow or even turn around the recent price increases.
    This is the first time I have received the WSD, and if I see another article that is this misleading, it will be off my reading list permanently.
    As much as I like, and mostly agree with, Fox Business News, when Liz Clayman starts ranting about how great the real estate market is, I change the channel until she is done.
    A new bubble is being created, and I do not have any sympathy for anyone who jumps in now and gets caught in the next down turn.


  3. Michael Kohnen, RHU says:

    I do not trust the liberal media. Please stop censoring our news.
    We have not seen the real estate bottom yet and are far from it.


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