Friday Charts: Three Trends You Won’t Believe Are Gaining Momentum

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  1. Stevie says:

    To: Louis Basenese,

    With all due respect….

    The U.S. Dollar is making a comeback… are F’n kidding me?

    Check your facts before spouting crap! The U.S. Dollar buys about .16 cents on the dollar, what it did 30 years ago… go back to school young’in…

    The only reason the U.S. Markets are still appearing to be viable, is the fact that the Fed is and has been injecting over $90 Billion a month into the economy with Fake (Fiat) Money!
    You’re obviously too wet behind the ears to read the writing on the walls!

    a Concerned Investor… that’s 94% out of U.S.A. owned anything…!


  2. Geronimo Moreno says:

    Love the newsletter. I’m a newbie, but you keep investing interesting, and put things in terms I can understand.


  3. fred says:


    I’m a newbie to your publication however
    I find your pub very interesting and educational


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