The Two Scariest Government Charts

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  1. Charley Carlton says:

    Mr. Basenese and I think a lot alike!

    I read something online today that sums up very nicely all of our present problems, and it’s definitely NOT a joke; it goes like this;

    “How To Catch Wild Pigs”

    Wild pigs LOVE corn; so spread out a few bushels of corn in a forest. Wild pigs will find the corn and start eating it; after a day or so, build short fence, maybe 50 ft long, and put more corn beside the fence; the wild pigs will become accustomed to the fence in no time, and will continue eating the corn; after a few days, build another 50 ft fence parallel to, and 50 ft from the first fence; the wild pigs may squeal a bit, but they’ll get used to the two fences in no time; put some more corn between the two fences, then build a third fence connecting the ends of the first two fences, and keep putting out more corn; wild pigs LOVE corn, so keep putting out more corn, and after a day or so, build a fourth fence (with a gate in it), and be sure to leave the gate open; in no time at all, the wild pigs will be used to the fence, and will be busy gobbling up all that free corn; the next day, close the gate quickly and lock it; the wild pigs may squeal a bit, but they’ll keep right on eating that free corn;

    My observation is, the liberals have been building a fence around the American people now, ever since before I was even born and I just turned 80 in December.

    My prediction is, sometime during the next 3 1/2 years, the present “administration” is going to “close the gate”;

    My question is, “what are all of the wild pigs going to do when all of the “free corn” is gone ?”


    Grandpa Dave Reply:

    And there you have it… WELCOME one and all to the Nanny-States-of-America.

    Gimme, Gimme, Gimme… I want all that free stuff right now. Those evil rich don’t deserve all that wealth. It is high time to redistribute OPM. 🙁


  2. David Forde says:

    Not a bit! Just shows you how dumb and mendacious politicians have become!


  3. Beth says:

    I very much want to hear your opinions, whether I agree or not. The primary reason is that your thoughts help me better understand your philosophy regarding markets, government intervention, trends, etc. and identify whether or not your recommendations are right for me. In addition, I am exposed to information to which I may not have had access. So, bring it on.

    I would also like to add that as a member of MicroCap Tech Trader I am very grateful for your extensive research and systematic approach (the importance of patents, etc) as yours is the first service in which I have actually made consistent financial progress. I have been a subscriber for only a short time and my profits are still on paper but I see positive results and a bright future. Thank you for you love of what you do and the willingness to share the skill/knowledge with others. I remain hopeful that your work will brighten my retirement.


  4. Gulagula says:

    I’d like to slap these charts engraved on thick leather on the faces of all the low-information Obama voters and those who aided in voter fraud to reelect a fraud. The floor to ceiling Obamacare stack of pages are surely evident of this evil tax increase on the people.


  5. Rick Falls says:

    If we all (the rationally thinking people of America) know this, maybe we need to get a little louder, and be more insistent that our citizenry get informed, starting with the people around us, and maybe then we will begin to elect people who understand the problems, and see the clear solutions as we do.


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