The Biggest Myth About Taxes

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  1. william says:

    Bad enough for the tax break to be taken away. But when is Congress going to stop allowing SS and Medicare to be raided for other purposes? I think the first step in saving those two funds is to actually put them into their own separate “trust fund”, or as Al Gore so ignorantly put it – a “lock box”.


  2. Sarah Hearn-vonfoerster says:

    Oh Please, Mr Basenese,
    More disinformation and scare tactics. The greedy, unreal expectations of investors has been one of the leading causes of corporate failure in this country. and until workers and public receive as much attention, and pay-outs, as undeserving CEOs and investors, we will have this problem; IBM found that out in the 80’s and , fortunately, changed back to it’s original reward system: employees first and listen to the people making the money for you. I was one of those Today, I am an Economist ,oh yes, one of those who studied Adam Smith at the London School of Economics and cannot reconcile his teachings with our interpretations. Let’s face it, we are both generous and greedy.


  3. Steve rice says:

    Wow, how insightful. More money taken out of people’s pay check means less spending? The payroll tax holiday was a bad idea to begin with. The S.S. System is already under funded and getting worse. Despite what the extreme right professes, we can’t cut our way to prosperity. We are still in a near recession and tax revenues have not returned to “normal”. There is always going to be a shortfall of revenue relative to spending because Americans want their benefits but don’t want to pay for them. Steve


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