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How i-Transport is Giving Disabled People Greater Independence

Wheelchair-bound people are about to get a boost.


Researchers at the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan have created a new technology that allows them to stand upright, alongside their able-bodied peers.

It’s called i-Transport – a robotic device that lifts the disabled person to a standing position.

The life-changing innovation gives the person a new level of independence, as longtime paraplegic Chen Chien-chia reveals: “When I sit in a wheelchair to go to places with a higher counter, it’s inconvenient to speak to people. The advantage of this machine is that I can stand up and directly converse with others.”

But that’s not all i-Transport does.

By lifting people who are confined to sitting in a wheelchair, it improves bone density and aids digestion.

It also has built-in technology that essentially fulfills the same role as a human caregiver by measuring the person’s vital signs as they’re standing.

Su Fong-Chin, Director of the Medical Device Innovation Center at the National Cheng Kung University, explains: “Our project is integrated with the functions of mobility, lift, transfer and standing and we’ve also included a physiological monitoring system to perform telemedicine or long-distance care services. We can eventually store the information in the cloud for the patient’s family to know that he is safe and comfortable.”

For the researchers, i-Transport is the culmination of six years of work and they plan to make it available on the market as soon as possible.