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The Seven Most Investable Technology Trends of 2013

Lately, Wall Street’s been shouting from the rooftops about 3-D printing technology.

I’m laughing, though, because I recommended the industry pioneer, 3D Systems (DDD), way back in October… of 2010!

Yes, that’s more than two years before the likes of T. Rowe Price and other respective “gurus.” But who’s keeping track?

When I first wrote about the company, I dubbed it “The Most Innovative Company of the Year” and “one of the strongest ‘Buys’ we’ve ever seen.”

Exaggeration? Hardly. Since my original recommendation, the stock’s up a staggering 284%.

I’m not bringing this up to brag, though. Instead, I want to prove a point: When it comes to investing in the technology sector, you need to be early to reap the most handsome profits.

With that in mind, I have a major announcement to share with you today…

Our Newest “Truth” Initiative

When we first launched Wall Street Daily in April 2011, we set out to be truth-tellers in a world full of liars.

A lofty mission, no doubt. But there’s obviously a demand for such a no-nonsense approach. Case in point: Our readership is about to top 400,000 subscribers strong. (Thanks for being a part of it!)

Today, though, I’m excited to announce that we’re launching our newest “truth” initiative: Tech & Innovation Daily. This “Forever Free” e-letter will maintain a laser-sharp focus – to uncover the market’s next best investable technologies, early.

As I shared on Friday, the world is overrun with technology analysts and websites that miss the point. All they do is track the hottest, coolest and newest technologies.

Like you, though, I’m first and foremost an investor. My love of technology comes second. So none of those qualities matter much to me.

The only thing I care about is my bottom line and whether or not the technologies are investable and ready for a breakout – just like 3-D printing stocks were two years ago.

That’s where Tech & Innovation Daily comes in…

Two times per week, we’re going to deliver the best investable opportunities and strategies in the technology sector, right to your inbox. We’ll also provide additional free research and commentary every day on our website (www.TechandInnovationDaily.com).

So get ready. You’re about to be served the market’s hottest technology trends, profit-side up. Starting right now…

My Top Tech Profit Predictions for 2013

When the calendar flips to January, the only thing that outnumbers New Year’s resolutions is everyone’s predictions about the future.

And nowhere is the prediction mania more pronounced than in the technology sector.

From mainstream sources like CNN, to the geeks-only EDN Network (if you’ve never heard of it, you’re all jock, zero nerd), everyone’s cranking out his or her list of the top technologies for 2013.

Today, I’m dusting off my crystal ball and jumping into the mix, too.

~Investable Tech Trend #1: Near Field Communications (NFC)1.14.2013 NXP Interview

This technology involves smartphones or similar devices establishing radio communication with each other. This is done by touching them together or bringing them in close proximity to one another (within five centimeters).

NFC technology has actually been around for a decade. But it’s finally ready for primetime. And I say that based on hard data, not on a hunch.

In the last year, the number of NFC-enabled device shipments topped 100 million, a 4,900% (not a typo) increase from the number of devices shipped in 2010. What’s more, within the next three years, estimates call for shipments to exceed one billion. (For more on the prospects of NFC, check out our interview with chip maker NXP Semiconductors (NXPI) during the Consumer Electronics Show last week.)

Clearly, we’ve reached the tipping point. Accordingly, it’s time to start hunting for the best investment opportunities.

~Investable Tech Trend #2: Biometric Authentication

With each passing year, more and more functionality keeps getting added to mobile devices. Want to deposit a check from your phone? There’s an app for that. Want to control your home’s thermostat on the go? There’s an app for that, too. Want to remotely log on to your work computer and network? No problem.

But there is one major obstacle: Consumers and enterprises won’t embrace these conveniences – or any future ones that developers dream up – unless security can be absolutely guaranteed. And everyone knows that simple passwords and PIN codes won’t cut it.

The solution? Biometric authentication. That is, leveraging the uniqueness of your fingerprints, palms, eyes (iris and retina), voice, face, hand geometry, signature and DNA to verify your identity.

Is the world really ready for such technology? More than you know. It’s already battle-tested, having been used in government applications for years to protect our ports and borders. And the latest evidence points to commercial adoption picking up in 2013. That’s not just my opinion, either. In the summer of 2012, tech research firm Gartner predicted that biometrics would enter primetime within two years. We’re right in that window now.

If you’re reluctant to accept predictions at face value, then consider the latest actions of companies that set new technology standards. Like Apple (AAPL). In July 2012, the company plunked down $356 million for fingerprint sensor maker AuthenTec (AUTH). You don’t think Apple is going to sit on the technology now, do you? Heck, no! An Apple product (most likely an iPhone) with a fingerprint sensor is inevitable – and sooner rather than later.

Lest you think Apple’s an outlier, consider that Intel (INTC) is working with a palm-scanning technology. And Intel’s venture capital arm also recently invested in a leading fingerprint sensor technology company, privately held Validity Sensors, Inc. Meanwhile, Microsoft (MSFT) recently filed a patent for a biometric sensor in its popular Xbox gaming system, which underscores a key point…

The mobile market isn’t the only vertical for biometric authentication. It can be used for secure identification in any type of setting. And it is. Case in point: More than 50 school districts and 160 hospital systems in 15 states are currently using palm scanners to verify identities. Next up? ATMs and various retail transactions. So get ready to replace what you know (passwords) with who you are (biometrics).

Jump Inside the Innovation Pipeline

To discover the best stocks to profit from both of these trends – along with the five other most investable trends for 2013 – just make sure you’re signed up for Wall Street Daily.

When we broadcast our very first issue of Tech & Innovation Daily, we’re going to provide a link to my special report, The Seven Most Investable Technology Trends of 2013. And Wall Street Daily subscribers are automatically set up to receive Tech & Innovation Daily. The very first broadcast, with a link to the full report, will hit inboxes on Wednesday, January 23.

Ahead of the tape,

Louis Basenese

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