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The Innovative Device That Can Predict Strokes Before They Happen

Strokes are the third-biggest killer in the Western world. In the United States alone, 795,000 Americans suffer a stroke every year, according to the American Heart Association, resulting in 130,000 fatalities – one in every 18 deaths.

The key to preventing attacks and saving lives is early detection. And that’s exactly what an Israeli company, Neurokeeper, aims to do, with an innovative, portable device that can detect strokes earlier.

“Our device automatically detects a stroke event and alerts either in the home environment the patient himself or his family, or in the hospital environment the medical staff, of a potential attack and allows the patients to get treated early,” says Neurokeeper CEO, Shay Bar-Haim.

Designed to be worn on patients’ heads, the $200 device works by monitoring brain patterns and using an algorithm to identify any discrepancies.

According to Professor Natan Bornstein, Vice President of the World Stroke Organization, who also runs the stroke unit at Tel Aviv University’s School of Medicine, Department of Neurology: “This is a very innovative device and technology to prevent stroke and identify the symptoms and signals of disturbances in blood flow to the brain, which we can act on immediately.”

Neurokeeper is planning a large-scale clinical trial for the device. If successful, the company hopes to license it within two years.