How Augmented Reality Turns Your Car into a Computer (Part 1)

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  2. fred stork says:

    In Re: — As Dey says, “The amount of time being spent not looking out the windshield can get pretty high. You want to reduce the amount of time they’re looking away.”
    This is among the most idiotic statements I have ever heard. Obviously it takes an “expert” to spout anything so stupid.
    Our expert hasn’t noticed, when you are reading email and texting on the windshield, you are NOT looking “OUT the windshield”, you are looking AT the windshield !!! and ignoring what’s outside. The delusions of “multitasking” are still lingering, after having been thrashed and debunked soundly. When multitasking, the person is not doing either task well, in this case, not well enough to drive safely.


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