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Does Apple Have a Chance to Reclaim Maps?

Now that Google (GOOG) Maps is back on the iPhone 5, can we finally say “goodbye” to Apple’s (AAPL) failure of a mapping application for good?

Not so, according to Mashable’s Editor-in-Chief, Lance Ulanoff. He says that Apple’s work in the space isn’t finished…

“It will be a billion dollar industry if everybody can figure it out,” he says. “You know the advertising, the connection to local commerce… This is the Holy Grail.”

Makes sense. But after Apple Maps’ disastrous launch, is there any way people would ditch Google Maps willingly down the road?

Ulanoff thinks so. “I think they have a 50-50 chance of being successful in the maps space. The product is not as bad as people say, and not as good as Apple told us it would be.”

“Not as bad as people say?” Sorry, but we’d love to hear from someone who hasn’t had at least one nightmarish situation with Apple Maps.

As another Mashable writer, Fran Berkman, points out, “If Apple is the Superman of tech companies, the iOS 6 Apple Maps app would have to be its kryptonite.”

To top it off, it looks like many iPhone users were actually holding off on updating their devices until Google’s superior app was available…

According to InformationWeek, “Google may have unintentionally helped Apple increase the adoption rate of its iOS 6 platform. Two separate advertising companies saw a spike in individual iOS 6 users in the days following Google Maps’ availability for the iPhone. The theory is these users decided to avoid iOS 6 (at least for a little while) due to its lack of Google Maps.”