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Has Apple Lost Its Mojo?

Apple (AAPL) needs the living room.”

So says Barclays Capital analyst Ben Reitzes in a research note just published about the company.

Translation: Apple needs to branch into television.

And that’s exactly what will happen in 2013.

But does Apple really “need the living room,” in addition to its stranglehold on the smartphone and tablet markets?

In a word… yes.

Quoted in All Things Digital, Reitzes bases his opinion on a startling conclusion from an investor debate that he recently conducted on Apple:

Almost one-third of the participants said Apple’s innovation pipeline is jaded.

Can this be true? Is the undoubted king of tech wizardry over the past decade really on the ropes?


This year marked another two big Apple product launches – the hugely successful iPhone 5 and the iPad mini.

Expect to find both stuffed into millions of Christmas stockings this holiday season.

So I wouldn’t say Apple is in a full-blown crisis. But the company’s share price does reveal a nasty 25% decline – from the $700 range in mid September to $530 today.

Granted, much of that is due to the fiasco with Apple’s in-house maps application. (In a bid to detach itself from Google Maps, Apple created its own version. A bad one.)

Incorrect locations… missing information… and the embarrassment of getting several people stranded in the Australian outback and needing to be rescued.

CEO Tim Cook had to apologize publicly. Apple’s iOS6 software chief and head of the maps group were both fired. But over 200 million people had already downloaded Apple’s maps app since September… which was when the stock decline began.

And since we know that Apple isn’t used to failure, it’s no surprise that it has a plan to rejuvenate its share price…

Apple’s Next Products Will Deliver Profits Straight to These Companies

Word has it that Apple will, indeed, enter the TV world in 2013. It will offer a state-of-the-art LED set to accompany its existing Apple TV set-top box, which gives access to iTunes and streaming TV shows via the internet.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is already in the “early stage of testing” with TV manufacturers in Asia. Sharp (SHCAY) is rumored to be Apple’s choice to design the set.

Remember how the first-generation iPhone, iPod and iPad took the world by storm? I’d bet on similar success with an Apple TV – both for Apple and its manufacturing partners like Sharp.

But the company’s not done.

The ever-spinning iPhone rumor mill is expected to crank even higher next year, as the expected release of the iPhone 6 gets closer.

Now, I’m not so concerned with what bells and whistles Apple will cram onto/into the device. I’m more interested in when the phone will hit the market.

The odds favor either a summertime launch – just seven months after the iPhone 5. Or towards the end of the year to take advantage of holiday season.

But here’s an interesting nugget from Taiwan-based technology newspaper, DigiTimes: The buzz from Taiwan is that semiconductor firms are gearing up for a mid-year release for both the iPhone 6 and an updated iPad.

If it’s true, that certainly bodes well for industry stalwarts like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM) and Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASX).

Ahead of the tape,

Martin Denholm

Martin Denholm

, Managing Editor

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