The (Stubborn) Myth of Green Energy Investing

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  1. Ronald Lindeman says:

    Green investing or controling greenhouse gas investing was never going to be a good investment unless there was a way to make carbon fueled energy more expensive with a tax or subsidise non carbon fuels. Let’s say that taxes or subsidies decreased carbon fuel use by 10 percent, 20 percent, 30 percent all the way down to 80 percent and more less carbon fuels being used. The price of the carbon fuel would be very low because of the over supply. The machinery to deliver carbon fuels would still be there without much being used. Reducing greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere means that carbon fuels will drop in price and still nobody would use it.


  2. Bill T Arthur says:

    Green energy can never succeed unless governments make all other forms of energy illegal, or at least far too expensive to even consider.

    This is true whether modern climate models prove to be predictive, or are alternatively shown to be complete hoaxes.

    Many people stand to profit from green energy. Some of these people are quite wealthy, and very well connected to ruling political coalitions.

    The track record for these green energy ventures has been very poor over the past 30 to 40 years, and will likely continue that way for the next several decades. But if government can guarantee that investors will recoup their investment regardless of profitability, there will not be any shortage of investors or new green ventures.


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