10 Reasons Why the Sun Won’t Shine on SolarCity’s IPO (Part 1)

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  1. Ron Winton says:

    I’ve been in this industry for almost a decade longer than SolarCity. Our company has a nationwide presence and is now selling complete solar systems including name brand products for $1.66 a watt for an average sized 5kW solar system, plus $1.00 to $1.30 per watt for installation. We now offer $0 down solar loans that allows the consumer to own the solar system instead of renting it from a leasing company and keep the federal 30% tax credit and any other applicable financial incentives for themselves. So how can a solar leasing company that prices their systems at nearly $7.00 a watt survive ?


    sam Reply:

    You’re selling cheap, and your customers are the same. That’s why Apple companies soar while BlackBerry fell apart.


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