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Facebook’s Taking Its Mobile Strategy Seriously

In order for Facebook (FB) to solidify its user base, it needs to focus its energy on one thing in particular: mobile.

As more and more people use their smartphones for everyday computing tasks, social networking is moving to the small screen. So having a solid mobile app that’s easy and fun to use is key.

And the fact that Facebook bought photo-sharing service Instagram for $715 million shows that the company certainly realizes this…

As Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom, says, “Mark [Zuckerberg] and I both see a future where Instagram provides a whole lot of value to Facebook – as an independent brand, as well. Because I think that people understand that Instagram is associated with this mobile device, it’s a photos-only network and that that’s part of why they were so excited about having Instagram inside, is that it is a mobile network.”

However, privacy continues to be a sore issue about users. So Facebook needs to take steps to ensure that any sensitive information we hold in our accounts will remain safe.