Unusual Treatment in the U.K. Helps Paralyzed Dog Walk Again

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  1. Lee Crimmims says:

    Article about using stem cells from the dog’s nose to cure its paralysis and its possible application to humans is greatly appreciated. It gives hope to a whole universe of people!


  2. Joan says:

    Bless the imaginative souls that went forth and experimented with the cell transplant. I’m of the conviction that everything humanity needs for restoration of mind and body is already within our grasp, and always has been. It’s just waiting to be discovered by the brilliant and inquisitive minds that walk among us. Congratulations and God Bless.


  3. Jim Anderson says:

    Is there any possibility you know of someone who would experiment with this in humans? I have a spinal cord infarction from six years ago and can not use my legs. I would try anything to be able to walk again!



  4. Dave Marven says:

    Would this process help those with paralysis from Polio? We are a dying out group, but still hundreds of thousands of us left.


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