Another Tax Myth Bites the Dust

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  1. Ricardo Marcotte says:

    A modest proposal. Leave the Bush tax relief alone. Eliminating those would essentially be a large tax increase, especially after 10-12 years. Eliminate the withholding tax which is only a couple years old and did not do anything. Close the Charitable Contributions, Medical, and those far out exemptions which partnerships and offshore entities might enjoy. I cannot even name them all. Keep the mortgage deduction, but that’s about it. Raise SS age to 67 sliding upward slowly as proposed, a month a year as I recall. Medicare/Medicaid has billions wasted and should be greatly weaned from existence. Means testing should required for all federal funds provided, (drug testing, etc). Otherwise just give them their funds in drugs so they don’t go out and rob innocent people.

    Then and only then should talks happen with regards to raising taxes on cap gains, dividends, and income.

    Sincerely, Rich


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