The Most Pressing Questions About the Fiscal Cliff

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  1. Jeff Lyons says:

    We have recently inherited some funds and rather than invest them we have parked them in a money market until we see what happens after the first of the year.


  2. Douglas Fisher says:

    Hey Louis – Yes, I am concerned by the fiscal cliff. Some advisors suggest it is just rubbish, and we need to hold on and wait for the squabling in Congress to subside. Then the market will start to move higher next year. But still….the present market is wabbling, and I am concerned about how far it might fall if the bums in Washington don’t come to some agreement. So what would you suggest I do with my stock investments??


  3. Ron says:

    Yes, it would help immensely! I feel rather like a rat in a “Skinner” box – not knowing which way to go to protect myself from possibly the worst economic disaster in our lifetimes.
    I need some info from those who could say what the powers in charge are REALLY likely to do in this situation to screw the ‘uninformed.”


  4. Greg says:

    Yep. Fiscal cliff is definitely making me scratch my head to figure out what to do next. I’m currently invested heavily in dividend paying blue chips but am wondering whether to sell them off and wait for a 2008-type correction to buy back in. Any insights you have would be helpful.


  5. gwatts says:

    Please hold an Emergency Fiscal Cliff Summit. Thank you.


  6. eugene says:

    Re: The Fiscal Cliff

    I do believe the media is blowing it way out of proportion. If managed intelligently our economy is able to handle this over time.

    But the media can’t help themselves even if they wanted to. It’s just too juicy of a story for people who are in the business of telling stories; not truths. Unfortunately telling the story alone brings it alive more than it probably deserves.

    I’m a VERY small investor. It’s not really affecting my investing; except maybe as a situation where I am trying to get ahead of the wave. I believe the fiscal cliff will ultimately be averted. That belief may cost me but it’s a chance I’m willing to take.



  7. Frank says:

    The fiscal cliff is all that is on my mind right now. Do I liquidate, do I re-position, do I get aggressive before the end of the year? Looking for answers here and finding that there is not much time left for solutions! A Fiscal Cliff Summit would be a Godsend at this time.


  8. Marco says:

    It’s really a lot of rubbish. Taxes up; spending down ( a minuscule amount over a decade). Fiscal Cliff is like Shock & Awe; a media buzz. They’ll strike some sort of bs deal at the 11th hour. Those parasitic psychopaths will emerge tooting their horns about avoiding what they and their bureaucratic “army” of overpaid zombies created in the first place.
    I wouldn’t waste the time, or money to keep this media power elete meme alive. Spend the effort on PM’s, Global Dominator stocks, and legal schemes to address your effective tax rate. Twain said ” if you don’t read, your uninformed; if you read newspapers you’re mis-informed. I’d add if you get your “news” from TV you’re an idiot. RT is the closest thing to “news” but it’s still a long way from observing the world financial events, researching on your own, and making investment choices. WSD is one of many points of view one could use in their decision process. Save your time (the most highly valued commodity) and stick to what you do best.


  9. Trevor Pinto says:

    We do need some direction here. Please hold one, even if for 30 min.


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