The Bear Case for Best Buy in One Simple Chart

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  1. Peter Forgacs says:

    Hey Louis,
    while i fully subscribe to and share in your views re the future of retail, one little comment is ‘de rigueur’; Amazon did invest in other property than intellectual lately….in order to speed up delivery of ordered goods (‘same day’), they acquired various ‘physical’ storage facilities in selected US states – much to the frustration of competition, who of course retaliated by blowing the whistle on the tax benefits Amazon enjoys and derives from its online status…


  2. The Defenestrator says:

    Maybe Best Buy is doomed. But they do price match, and even haggle in store on some items if you catch the right guy. If you’re right though, I’m keeping my eyes open for liquidation sales…


  3. Dulaine says:

    If a company is sure to go down, wouldn’t put options be the thing to do?


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