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Is This the 3-D TV You’ve Been Waiting For?

We’ve been waiting for a 3-D display technology that really wows us for a while now.

And after seeing this new technology from Lancaster University… we’re still waiting.

It’s called Tilt Display. Essentially, it involves nine screens that, well… tilt, in an attempt to better show an image’s multiple dimensions.

But as you can see in the video above, having nine flat screens tilt in different directions just isn’t enough to create a realistic image.

Lancaster University’s Jason Alexander explains why he developed the technology…

“When I looked at a map of Bristol I could see that I had to walk from A to B, but I didn’t know whether that was a hilly route, whether I had to go through a valley or these kind of things. So I thought there must be a better way to render this on to a screen rather than just having a visual display.”

Our response? There already is a “better way.” It’s called the terrain layer in Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) Maps. Although the app doesn’t show peaks and valleys in great detail, it’s far superior to what you’d get if your phone came with Tilt Display.

After you see the video for yourself, I think you’ll agree that current 3-D technology actually does a better job of rendering objects in three-dimensional space.

Now, Alexander is hoping to team up with a manufacturer to create Tilt Displays of difference sizes – and with more screens.

Until then, we think this advanced 2-D technology has more potential.

Justin Fritz

, Executive Editor

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