Hostess Shutdown Inspires a “Black Market” for Twinkies

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  1. Steve Best says:

    OK. So you are all grown up and educated, carefully invest your money, watch your diet and exercise, and cannot remember the last time you ate Hostess Twinkies. On the other hand, most of the blue-collar working world and young kids do not practice your lifestyle, as 20 years in private practice taught me. Just go into a half a dozen convenience stores and you will see racks of Twinkies, cupcakes, etc., because those folks love the stuff and always have. Those stores do not stock items that do not sell. They just do not have enough room to waste. This is just another case of overaggressive unions taking down an American icon, which is pretty obvious when even the Teamsters side with management


  2. James Luder says:

    Will Hostess cut current pensions?


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