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Video: “Smart Pills” Will Change Your Life Forever

Pills are an uncontestable marvel of modern medicine. Think about it: They’re noninvasive, easy to administer, and cheap to manufacture and distribute.

Can you even imagine living in a world without them?

However, considering that we’re living in such a technologically-advanced society, pills are still, well… dumb.

You take one. It dissolves. And the medicine goes to work. But you can’t specify exactly when or how the medicine kicks in.

No longer. Enter the world of “smart” pills.

Researchers at Tufts University have developed electronics that dissolve inside the body – a discovery that opens the door to drug delivery systems that could change the face of modern medicine.

Unlike boring pills and capsules, these electronics can actually monitor and react to the body’s changing conditions.

And the system is based on an unlikely source: Silk.

See for yourself.