Google and Apple: The Defining Fight in Technology?

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  1. Nelson Montz says:

    MSFT never learned to please their customers; relied for years on consumers constantly upgrading to their next operating system debacle.

    Apple has the best of breed. But, they are getting bred-out. Suppliers not happy with them; love my Mac Pro,but I am the only USA citizen left without a Smartphone, but I shall buy Samsung. E-readers: will look at Kindle, as long as it’s not junk; won’t buy music or books from Apple.

    Google? Not sure they’re dumb enough to have a successful social media site; don’t think Schmidt and pals buy anything, unless from Fifth Avenue, so forget shopping with them. GOOG better stick to things that no one else understands.

    TV? I have no info, but Bezos will probably cream AAPL in that segment, too. Unless, of course it’s a TV for the schools. Apple’s regressing to their former self.


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