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Blu-Ray 2.0 Has Arrived

If you’re just about done switching your DVD library over to Blu-ray, you should probably stop reading now.

Because ultra-high-definition TVs are the new reality, which means yet another format to transition to.

At CEATEC in Tokyo, Asia’s biggest technology fair, companies like Sony (NYSE: SNE), Toshiba (Tokyo: 6502), Sharp (Tokyo: 6753) and Panasonic (NYSE: PC) are showing off new 4K displays. These new televisions have four times the pixels of HD.

Some manufacturers are even demonstrating 8K displays!

Of course, as with any advanced consumer technology, the problem is cost. Sony’s 4K television, for instance, is going on sale next month for $20,000.

Pricey, yes. But that much of a difference in display quality will surely sway some wealthy consumers to take the plunge.