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How a Hands-Free Piggyback Ride Will Help Wounded Soldiers


It’s not a pleasant thought, but when a soldier is wounded in battle, his or her fellow troops face a serious challenge: How to get the fallen soldier to safety.

Currently, this requires carrying him or her out of harm’s way. But that leaves the other solider vulnerable to attack.

Israeli-U.S. firm, Agilite, has designed an remarkably simple solution: the “human backpack.” More formally known as the Injured Personnel Carrier, or IPC, this invention works exactly like it sounds.

According to founding partner, Ellie Isaacson, it “allows you to carry an injured person on your back like a backpack, leaving your hands completely free… If you are a soldier or a rescue professional, being able to crawl with your hands or operate a weapon is a totally new added capability.”

The IPC incorporates slings with adjustable straps and padding, which makes lifting the person off the ground easier.

It might not be the most elegant solution, but it works. And the U.S. Marines have already bought in.