Apple’s iPhone 5 Put to the Test

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  1. Ryan Sturm says:

    I received my iP5 on Friday. I have only used the Maps application twice thus far for actual directions, but have had no problem navigating a detour-ridden Bookfest in Baltimore city and finding my way without hesitation. I called upon the lovely Ms. Siri to bring up my route, and she performed without hesitation. The 5 replaces my 4, which I absolutely loved. The only thing I will (temporarily) miss is the Jailbreak features that I had set up on my 4, but the size and weight of the 5 are certainly impressive, as well as the craftmanship of the back panel and… well, just about every other new feature. The location of the headphone jack doesn’t change much for me, but it does flow a little better on my car’s dashboard as I have it mounted in a little holster, and the Lightning plug isn’t exactly earth-shattering, but it is INCREDIBLY small, MUCH smaller than the pictures imply. But that does leave me wishing that they had sent me replacements for the 52,909,824,348 other Apple plugs that I have laying around, which are now useless.


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