New Experimental Military Technology Caught on Video

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  1. Wayne says:

    yea , it runs until someone aims an rpg or bazooka at the legs, it then becomes a pile of scrap metal, WHAT A WASTE


  2. Ron Sarson says:

    Outfit it with a grenade or missle launcher, and we can let it lead the charge instead of our brave soldiers.


  3. Victor Barney says:



  4. Joe Cusano says:

    Big dog will never be adopted by the Marines. It is noisy and slow. If I were still in the Marines I would stay far away from Big Dog because Big Dog = Big Disaster.


  5. yadco says:

    Waste of tax dollars, understand that this isn’t what is actually under development…this is research for other things…God bless Uncle Sam…when are we going to spend some money on solving hunger and joblessness and a host of other social issues…never…but we have money for big DOG.


  6. Dave says:

    Actually we don’t have any money for big dog or anything, we’re 16 trillion in debt and that is not broke that is broken, so they just keep printing money which devalues your money and keeps the monopoly game going until it takes a truck load of dollars to buy a loaf of bread just like back in Germany. What a country, what has our Congress done to us?


  7. Steven Mark Pilling says:

    The old reliable army mule is still better. It can heal from its wounds, live off the land and be reproduced by cheap labor!


  8. Larry L. Edwards says:

    The USA continue to think in militaristic terms instead of peaceful co-existence.
    Construction is more meaningful than destruction, even as sometimes one must destruct in order to construct. Violence breeds violence. So as long as the US prepare and make war, one must expect the violence to find its way home. No other way. The more violence the US exports, the more will occur on the domestic front.


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