The Straight Dope: Why Low Interest Rates Won’t Magically Stimulate the Economy

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  1. Jim Anderson says:

    Louis, good article. From another angle, is it not also true that GDP only measures end products and their sales, not the whole economy? It does not measure the numerous business steps of creating the products and bringing them to market. I’ve read that this, the business side, actually accounts for 70% of the economy. Thus, even if consumers were to account for 70.8% of GDP (which you disproved), 70% of the whole economy is actually business driven. If you have any data on this, I think it would make an interesting follow-on article to this one. Thanks, Jim Anderson


  2. Farmist says:

    “Many upstanding and respectable ones, too.

    Like USA Today ”

    Poor example – USA Today is a Gannett newspaper, and a large number of us find their products to be not much more respectable than National Enquirer.


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