The Truth About Mitt Romney’s Plan for “Energy Independence”

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  1. Chuck S says:

    Not much truth here. “Can’t do it, won’t work”. No details.

    We should be able to get 1 million barrels/day (mbd) from ANWR Alaska. In 2008 I heard that we could get oil offshore from California in 1 year, because it’s shallow and already been surveyed. I think there’s 85 billion barrels offshore. Obama shut down some offshore drilling. Obama also rejected many drilling permits. Obviously undoing those will increase the supply. It seems like we could get another 3 mbd or more, which would lower the price a lot and boost our economy. I just read that there are 5 shale oil deposits in the US, each more than 20 billion barrels.

    Most alternative energy takes a lot of energy and resources to build, and may never save enough energy to pay for the energy that went to make it. If it can’t make it in the market with no subsidies, then it’s probably not efficient.


  2. Alma says:

    I like the Science Factor and fact foundation that you have esahlbisted within this blog However when I hear on the media Depression I cringe. While many industries will probably suffer and be affected I look at it this way. Innovation will occur. We do not have a cash problem, we have an idea and execution problem.I do not poses THE TRUTH, but a Truth when I say I see the universe as unlimited, we only look at things from our limited viewpoints.I revisit that: energy is never created or destroyed it moves from one form to another, and entropy.The Death of the Dinosaurs while tragic for them was the fuel for us. The Death of one thing feeds another. Life eats itself.I want to encourage innovation, and new ways at looking at Challenges The words we say are what we own and manifest in life and business.How can we encourage this conversation to communicate not just how things are but how they CAN BE?Cheers,Kevin


  3. Sue says:

    I have been following this site for a few days now and have yet to find much truth. You arrive at your”facts” by omitting key information. In this example you conveniently leave out coal as an energy source. There is an abundance of coal in the U.S. that can power this country for a long time to come. It is a significant source of power today and can be in the future if Obama would stop regulating it into oblivion. But of course, you don’t want your readers to know that, because it doesn’t fit your carefully constructed narrative.


    Taint Reply:

    Coal is a great option if we don’t mind breating black smoke, but then again that would help boost the health care industry.


  4. Jim says:

    Speaking of that nasty coal, the Germans were using it as an alternative fuel during WWII and knowing how we react, we will find a way to wipe it’s nose during a crisis.
    The point is oil and Obama has to go and find a viable replacing for both which should not be that hard!


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