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Look for This in the Next “Batman” Film


We all know that bats use sound to navigate in total darkness. Ultrasonic sonar signals are emitted and then reflected back off an object. It allows bats to judge distances to within a millimeter.

Now, scientists at Tel Aviv University think that they can harness this ability to create better radar technology.

It’s not easy work, however.

According to Dr. Yossi Yovel, their research is only possible thanks to super high-tech sensors. “We’re monitoring bats outside in the field where they are flying in their natural behavior. It’s extremely noisy; it’s not a controlled environment. And to do this we are trying to develop highly controlled sensors that we can put on the bat and monitor, for instance, the sensory input coming in.”

The next part of the study will involve building an artificial habitat where bats can fly around normally while the scientists can more easily monitor their behavior.