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Seven Ways to Earn Max Yields in a Zero-Interest World

It’s no secret…

With money markets paying (literally) nothing – and tried-and-true U.S. Treasury bonds paying a pittance at 1.7% – we’re all searching for safe, high-yielding investments. Even corporate executives.

Don’t believe me? Just scan the financial news…

  • “Investors are hungry for yield,” says Bloomberg BusinessWeek.
  • “People want safety but also need yield,” writes MarketWatch.
  • “Corporate Cash Chasing Low-Risk Yield,” says a Wall Street Journal headline.

Heck, even our inbox is filling up with pleas for help…

On July 7, we received a note from Ted S., saying, “Just a reminder… Lots of us are already retired and way down in our portfolios. Not to mention [we’re earning] no interest on CDs. So when you put your letters together, give us some advice. Make that lots of advice and ideas on how to keep a steady stream of income to try and keep up.”

The overwhelming concern is understandable.

With the decline of pensions, erosion of Social Security, equity-zapping housing crash, ever-volatile markets and nest eggs that are still cracked from the Great Recession, the prospects for an early or comfortable retirement are diminishing. Truth is, just 14% of households expect to have enough money to live comfortably in retirement, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

But fear not, Ted – and everyone in the Wall Street Daily Nation! I have a very exciting announcement for you today…

Introducing Our Bulletproof Income-Boosting Strategy…

Just like we set out to do when we started Wall Street Daily – to be truth-tellers in a world of liars – we’re doing it again with Dividends & Income Daily. We’re going to bridge the information gap to empower the individual investor.

Specifically, we’re going to sort the wheat from the chaff – separating the seductive (but doomed) income investments from the market’s most reliable, safest and highest-yielding income generators.

That’s right. We’re launching an entirely new – and forever free – newsletter to provide “lots of advice” like Ted requested.

With yours truly at the helm, our team of income experts and researchers has been tasked with unearthing every safe money strategy on the planet.

Preserving your capital is a top priority. So you can expect to receive regular warnings about the dividend stocks and income strategies to avoid, too.

Best of all, receiving these wealth-building and income-maximizing insights doesn’t require a single ounce of effort or research on your part.

Two times per week, we’re going to deliver the best income opportunities and strategies right to your inbox. We’ll also provide additional free research and commentary every day on our website (www.DividendsandIncomeDaily.com).

So get ready. While other investors’ anxieties mount about the future, yours are going to be eased. Because starting next Tuesday, we’re going to show you how to safely and intelligently increase your income…

If you were once content earning a 3% yield – soon it’ll be 6%… If you once thought that dividend stocks couldn’t deliver double-digit capital appreciation – you’ll soon be convinced they can.

We’ll even show you ways to make the market pay out cash in exchange for, well, nothing!

Our very first broadcast of Dividends & Income Daily hits on August 21. In it, I’ll include a link to my special report, Seven Ways to Earn Max Yields in a Zero-Interest World.

Remember, the report and the subscription are “forever free.” We’ll never charge you a penny. Ever. So stay tuned.

To get a head start on earning maximum yields, check out the research already posted to www.DividendsandIncomeDaily.com. Or to manage your subscription, click here.

Welcome aboard and safe investing,

Louis Basenese