Video: Nicotine Vaccine is Philip Morris’ Worst Nightmare

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  1. eric taylor says:

    If a nicotine vaccine is possible, it is likely
    that the corporations would buy it out
    or severly disable its use; as the chemical
    companies are doing now in keeping their
    weed killers and pesticides selling, in spite
    of the fact that they destroy bee colonies!
    Take such vaccine gossip with a grain of salt!


  2. Shawn says:

    Someone please explain haw a genetically modified, non-functional liver is better than smoke-filled lungs. We have two lungs and one liver. If one lung is destrpoyed, we still have a back-up, but if a liver is destroyed, we die!


  3. gavinwca says:

    Kill your liver to stop smoking, even if you believe all the hype and some fraud scientific information on cigarettes, you would be a fool to possibly destroy your liver to prevent smoking.


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