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Samsung’s Bittersweet Success


Samsung (LON: BC94) was bumped to the top of Asia’s top 1,000 brands list, a key milestone for the South Korean tech company.

It saw record-breaking operating profit for the second quarter, too, which the company predicts will be up nearly 80% over last year, to $5.9 billion.

Tack on the fact that sales of the new Galaxy S III smartphone are expected to hit 10 million units this month, and it seems like Samsung is unstoppable.

As Editor for Campaign Asia-Pacific, Jolene Otremba, says, “Their closest contender, Apple, is dominant in maybe two or three categories. Samsung is dominant across a lot of categories. They do everything.”

The company is facing several headwinds, however. Between the possibility of slowing sales in China, a potential price increase in Europe and ongoing legal sparring with Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), the next few months certainly won’t be easy.