Demandware Preps Retailers for the Coming e-Commerce Explosion

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  1. Kelli Tejada says:

    It takes a variety of solutions to meet the needs of a large and fragmented market such as retail.

    It true that SaaS eCommerce models are the way of the future for all the reasons you state. Demandware is a great choice for many of the largest retailers. However, according to First Research, there are approximately 1 million retail outlets in the U.S. doing combined revenue of approximately $4 trillion. According to Internet Retailer, only 274 of these retailers are online and have revenue of $50m or more a year. What about all the smaller retailers? Can they afford solutions like Demandware?

    Retailers need alternatives that are more accessible, yet have the features they require to compete with the largest brands. Solutions like Kalio Commerce offer comparable capabilities for less than half the price of high end solutions such as Demandware. In addition, they require zero up front capital to launch a site–essentially allowing retailers to focus cash resources on building a stronger business.

    For eCommerce to continue to grow, less expensive eCommerce platform alternatives are critical.


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